Toyota Australia


  Client: Toyota Australia / Swim Media Art Direction: Lee Jackson Description: For several years Caballeros has designed the look and feel of Toyota Australia’s annual convention for all sales staff. Each year the client chooses a theme, often based around conference destinations, including LA and Las Vegas. We are responsible for overall concept design [...]



Clients: GoGet, Sealy, Sydney Centennial Parklands, Power Australia Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: Infographics are an easy way to easily comprehend large amounts of complex information. These graphics were commissioned for a wide variety of uses and audiences: business-to-business, consumers, government and children.   [...]

Sydney Harbour Trust – Sydney Gold Honey


  Client: Sydney Harbour Trust Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is a body of the New South Wales State Government responsible for the stewardship and conservation of some of Sydney’s most beautiful public spaces. As a self-funding body, the Authority manages various businesses on Sydney Harbour, especially accommodation [...]

GoGet Video


Art Director: Lee Jackson Copywriter: Brendan Shanahan Animation & Production: In The Thicket Production Description: GoGet is Australia’s largest and fastest-growing carshare company. This animation – intended for cinema advertising – was designed to raise brand awareness and sell the notion of carshare as a more flexible alternative to car ownership. To this end, Caballeros created [...]



  Client: GoGet Carshare Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriter: Brendan Shanahan Description: GoGet is Australia’s largest car sharing service and growing rapidly. Caballeros Creative was tasked with creating all the digital and DM strategy for GoGet, as well as TV and cinema advertising. Car sharing is aimed primarily at the inner regions of Australia’s capitals [...]

CarsGuide Print


  Client: / TVC and Online Video Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: CarsGuide is Australia’s second-largest online car classified site. As the challenger brand to market-leader CarSales, the smaller company needed to stand out. The branding for CarsGuide took its cue from the relationship between a humourless “Mechanic” and a cheeky [...]



Client: CarsGuide Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: CarsGuide is one of Australia’s largest online car classified sites. Research showed that choosing a new car was a complicated task that many consumers dreaded. In response, Caballeros offered the tagline “Buy Cars. Sell Cars. Simple”, complimented by a series of animations utilising whimsical visual [...]

Telstra – Onboarding Portal


  Client: Telstra Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: Telstra is Australia’s largest telecommunications company and one of the nation’s biggest private-sector employers. This huge project required us to create the look and tone for Telstra’s “Onboarding” intranet portal. A requirement for all new Telstra employees, the onboarding process consists of more than [...]

Merry Christats


  Client: Caballeros Creative Art Direction: Lee Jackson Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan Description: What is Christmas in Australia like? Simultaneously fabulous and terrifying, the world's smallest continent and largest island exerts a powerful thrall over the world's consciousness. This infographic was sent as an EDM to all our clients and contacts. Through the power of statistics we [...]

Toyota Kaizen


Client: Swim Media / Toyota Kaizen Art Direction: Lee Jackson Description: Kaizen is a Japanese word that means, roughly, "to change for the best". As a business philosophy, it has been used by Toyota for many years, especially as a way to motivate employees. In the spirit of kaizen, people who work for Toyota are constantly being [...]